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Historical Documents

Welcome to our historical, transcribed documents page.

The staff at Hampton Plantation State Historic Site is constantly collecting documents and searching for more primary sources about the inhabitants of Hampton, both free and enslaved. The inhabitants, primarily the owners, left behind a wealth of written documents. These documents give us a small, yet cloudy, window into their world, and sometimes prompt more questions than answers.

Why We Transcribe

Whenever we find a document that we do not have in our on-site files, we obtain a copy of it and transcribe it. During the past couple of years, we have had many requests for this information and felt that it was time to post the transcriptions on our website.

As with all transcriptions there will be some mistakes made on our part and some words that cannot be transcribed. Those are noted as, “________” in the documents. There are also some instances where we think the word in question could be several words, and those are noted by either being in red or with a / between them, for example “hands/lands.”

We have tried our best to retain all punctuation and spelling in the documents. Because of the human error factor we highly recommend that you obtain a copy of the original for your own records and compare our transcriptions with your own. If you find a discrepancy please let us know.

If you do find these documents of any help please let us know. We would love to hear from you.