Hampton Plantation  State Historic Site
1950 Rutledge RD | McClellanville, SC 29458 | Phone: 843-546-9361 | Fax: 843-527-4995 | hampton@scprt.com

By The Numbers

Here's a quick, by the numbers view of what Hampton Plantation has to offer:

  • 2 species of endangered birds to watch for -- the red-cockaded woodpeck and the swallow-tail kite
  • 12 rooms to explore during a tour of Hampton Plantation’s historic mansion tour
  • 55 miles from Myrtle Beach, SC
  • 35 short miles to Charleston, SC -- located on the scenic drive to or from Myrtle Beach
  • 220+ year old Washinton Oak tree with a very unique and entertaining story
  • 274 acres of land enriched with South Carolina history