Historic Sites

The lives and times of the men and women who made South Carolina history are honored in South Carolina’s State Historic Sites and other special State Parks. Historic Site parks feature interactive tours, museums, special programs and even archaeological digs that reveal history’s mysteries.Musgrove Mill Militia

Colonial Settlements

How did the first colonists build and sustain settlements in the Carolina wilds? Explore the site of the first permanent European settlement in the Carolinas; a frontier fort in the Blue Ridge foothills, and an active archaeological dig on the scenic Ashley River, site of a village founded in 1697.

Revolutionary War Sites

Who was the heroine whose patriotism was recreated in an 1835 penny novel? Find out at Musgrove Mill, the site of a pitched battle and one of the few fights when outnumbered Revolutionary Patriots bested the Tories.

African American Heritage

What was life like for African slaves on antebellum plantations?  Redcliffe Plantation provides a setting for exploring the experiences of the enslaved, as well as the larger institution of slavery and reflects the historical experiences and impact of the white and black families who lived and worked at the site. The extant slave quarters, mansion, and iconic lane of magnolia trees planted in 1860 serve to highlight the plantation’s rich and varied history.

Civil War Battlefields

Where did the Confederacy make one of its last stands against Sherman’s sweep across the south? Walk the interpretive trail at historic Rivers Bridge, where Union forces finally overran a group of badly outnumbered Confederate soldiers who stood their ground in the wintry swamp along the Salkehatchie River after two days of fierce fighting in February 1865.

Native American Sites

Was this mysterious 3,000-year-old 12-foot-high circle of shells an Indian ceremonial site or a trash heap? Most South Carolina State Parks contain remnants of Native American life and offer insight into what life was like before European arrival.

Saving America's Natural Heritage

Many of the nation’s most beautiful places were preserved for public use by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression including 16 South Carolina State Parks.

Add a South Carolina State Park to your next trip and explore the natural wonders and historic sites of the Palmetto State.