Jones Gap State Park
303 Jones Gap RD | Marietta, SC 29661 | Phone: 864-836-3647 |

Unique Features

The Middle Saluda River


  • Significant Features : The Middle Saluda River, South Carolina's first state-designated scenic river, runs through the park.

    A portion of the park also contains the Eastern Continental Divide. Rain falling on one side of this divide runs into streams that ultimately end in the Atlantic Ocean. Rain falling on the other side runs into streams that ultimately end and run into the Gulf of Mexico.

    The Cleveland Fish Hatchery, South Carolina's first state-owned and operated fish hatchery, is located at Jones Gap State Park. The hatchery only serves an exhibit role today, but is home to brook trout, rainbow and brown trout. The trout pond holds 60-80 fish and displays around the pond gives information on each type of fish.

  • Waterfalls : Waterfalls that can be viewed from Jones Gap include: Falls Creek Falls, Jones Gap Falls, Rainbow Falls, Dargans Cascades and Silver Steps Falls.

    Wildcat Wayside, located on Hwy. 11 between Caesars Head and Jones Gap includes the Lower Wildcat Falls and Upper Wildcat Falls.