Keowee-Toxaway State Park
108 Residence DR | Sunset, SC 29685 | Phone: 864-868-2605 |

Unique Features


  • Significant Features : The park is located on and provides access to 18,500-acre Lake Keowee.

    The park also provides access to some outstanding rock outcrops located off of the hiking trails.

  • Wildlife : Wildlife that can be seen on the park include black bear and white-tailed deer.

  • Wildflowers : Wildflowers are abundant at Keowee-Toxaway, especially in the spring. Two rare species that can be found on the park are the Alleghany spurge and ginseng. Other wildflowers include: iris, violets, rattlesnake plantain, asters, goldenrod, cardinal flower, indian pink trillium, various orchids, trailing arbutus, bloodroot, trout lily, galax and wild ginger.

    The best places for wildflower viewing is along Raven Rock Trail that borders Poe Creek and the Natural Bridge Trail.