Landsford Canal  State Park
2051 Park DR | Catawba, SC 29704 | Phone: 803-789-5800 |


Canal Trail

Length: 1.5 miles
Type: Hiking Trail
Difficulty: Easy

Nature Trail

Length: 0.6 miles
Type: Hiking Trail
Difficulty: Easy (paved)

Eagle Point Trail

Length: 0.2 miles
Type: Hiking Trail
Difficulty: Easy

Starting from the picnic area you have a choice of three trails, the Canal Trail, the Nature Trail, and the Eagle Point Trail, each one offering something a little different. The main attraction is the Canal Trail, and you can start from either the picnic area, or the south entrance to the park. This easy, 1.5-mile walk follows Landsford Canal, which was built in the 19th century to bypass the rocky rapids of the Catawba River, and at one time this canal served as an important trading route between the foothills and coastal plain. Today, the remnants of the original canal stonework and "locks" that equalized the water can still be seen toward the south end of the trail.
You can also start the paved Nature Trail at the picnic area and follow the banks of the Catawba River. This is a peaceful walk with just the sound of the water tumbling over rocks, and songs of many birds. Check with park personnel about seeing nesting eagles during your walk. The Nature Trail ends at an overlook where you can view the Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies when in bloom.
The short Eagle Point Trail also starts at the picnic area, and ends at a bluff overlooking the Catawba River.