The Archaeology Lab Volunteer Program

300 State Park RD
Summerville, SC 29485


The goals of the Archaeology Lab Volunteer Program are to train and educate the public about the process of artifact analysis, curation, description, and cataloging. For the past twenty years, archaeologists have unearthed virtually thousands of historic and prehistoric artifacts that have helped piece together the unique past of one of South Carolina's most significant historic sites. The artifacts handled in our lab are a large part of the physical evidence of the approximately hundred years of occupation (1700-1800) of the Colonial-era town of Dorchester. Your contribution will help archaeologists and researchers provide useful insight to the ongoing interpretation of Colonial Dorchester to the park's visitors. This Spring we will begin sorting through the material remains from the possible 18th-century kitchen house of lot 52, commonly known as the Blake Lot. Volunteers that develop a strong understanding of the lab process and show an interest in the field of Archaeology will have the opportunity to help out with field excavations this Fall. Wednesdays - indoor lab Saturdays-Sundays - outdoor field lab

Contact Information

Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site

300 State Park RD
Summerville, SC 29485

Phone: 843-873-1740
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  • Meeting Place : Ranger Station/Lab
  • What to Bring : Water, comfortable clothing for the weather, lunch, and work gloves.
  • Event Hours : 9am-2pm. Every Tuesday between January 22nd through April 23rd, 2013. PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT be offering this program on Tuesday the 26th.