Fourth of July Fireworks

8155 Geer HWY
Cleveland, SC 29635


Come join us at the Caesars Head overlook on July 4 to observe the city of Greenville's fireworks display. Greenville boasts one of the largest firework displays in South Carolina. Watch great fireworks from 3200 feet above them! The firework show starts at 9:45 pm. Come early and get a good spot.

Contact Information

Caesars Head State Park

8155 Geer HWY
Cleveland, SC 29635

Phone: 864-836-6115
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  • Meeting Place : Overlook
  • What to Bring : Lawn chair
  • Event Hours : Fireworks start at 9:45pm, gate opens at 8:45pm.
  • Price : $10/adult, $5/child