Rachel Murdy



Red Wolves Introduced to Charles Towne Landing Animal Forest

Posted 7/19/2013 12:15:00 PM
The population in the Animal Forest at Charles Towne Landing grew by four last week, when the new Red Wolf Habitat was unveiled. The 9,000 square foot dwelling was built as part of the Red Wolf Species Survival Program and is now home to four female wolves.

Like the other animals residing in the Animal Forest, red wolves were once native to the area when English settlers first arrived in the 17th century. The species has completely disappeared from South Carolina, and is considered critically endangered. Only approximately 100 red wolves now freely roam the Southeast.

Due to the sensitive nature of the red wolf population, new habitats are subject to careful review before the animals can be introduced. In order for CTL to participate in the survival program, the park had to go through an application process which included a committee review of the habitat design drawings and inspection of the facility once it was completed. Additionally, the Animal Forest Curator participated in a Red Wolf Species Survival education workshop.

Now the habitat is one of only 42 in the country to participate in the program, making it a unique addition to an already exceptional park. To see the wolves when they're most active, it's best to go by the habitat early in the day or just before the Animal Forest closes.

The Animal Forest is open from 9a.m. until 5p.m. daily, and is free of charge with park admission.