Fall Foliage Reports

Fall has officially arrived, and soon we will be fascinated with the beautiful colors that the season brings.  Keepa LIVE LOOK on the fall foliage from the Upstate with our Table Rock webcam, and check out our fall foliage reports posted each Wednesday.

November 11, 2015

We are now on the downside of the fall foliage peak which arrived for a brief time early in the month. With rain most every day during the first third of November, the woods have taken a beating. The forest is in that transition time where the ridges have bare limbs and the lowest elevations have a mix of fading colors with a few die-hard leaves of green. Very few brilliant colors remain. The forest will now mainly give a show of late autumn browns, russet, pale yellow, and tan until another glorious season slips away into the dormancy of winter over the next two to three weeks.

October 28, 2015

Rainy weather, like this week’s dose, tends to highlight the colors while the leaves are wet. Once the clouds lift and the sun shines again in time for the weekend, a clearer view of the mountains will reveal that the autumn colors are near their peak. The best foliage display is now through at least the first week of November. Enjoy it while you can. It won’t be long until ridge tops will start to become bare again, daytime temperatures dip lower, and the brightest colors will give way to the duller browns and burgundy of the oaks and other hardwoods.

October 21, 2015

Trees that have acquired the fall colors thus far look good, but are mainly scattered in a sea of green.  The higher ridges and peaks are looking much more like autumn and the color cascade is about to advance down the slopes. Many areas in North Carolina are at or near peak so the Upstate is next in line. The few cold nights that arrived over the past weekend may help to accelerate the foliage progression.

October 14, 2015

Although there is still plenty of green leaves to go around, there has been progress in the last week.  More yellows on Tulip

 Poplars have become quite obvious along the forest edges, roads, and lakeshores.  Sourwoods are looking good in red, dogwoods are turning more red and sweetgums are also getting into the act with some yellows, reds and deep purples.

  Still to come over the next few weeks will be the maples, hickories and finally the oaks.

October 7, 2015

In early October, the ushering in of the “leaf” season begins quite slowly.  Most trees are still green with a bit of pale yellowish-greens here and there.  As usual, the sourwoods are leading the way with colors ranging from pale pinks to deep reds showing up on many trees.  Dogwoods seem to be a little behind so far but should be displaying more red soon. After several weeks of drought followed by a sudden copious amount of rain, it will be interesting to see how the timing of the forest foliage responds.  For now, the outlook for best color is still likely to occur by the end of the month.

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