South Carolina State Parks have a wide range of trails to offer. From tire treads, to hoofs, to boots, there is a way for everyone to exercise and explore.Walking at Sesquicentennial State Park


South Carolina’s parks include extensive trail systems for days-long backpacking trips and flatter, intermediate trails that nearly everyone can enjoy. Miles of trails are waiting to be explored, and there’s a variety of terrain to choose from.

Walking and Nature

If you want the experience of a secluded hike, but aren’t up for the strain that comes along with it, slow it down a bit and take a laid-back walk along one of these trails.


Beach cruisers and hardcore trail riders will all find a new favorite place to pedal in the parks. Flat rides along the salt marsh and tidal creeks can be found at Hunting Island State Park, or take it up a notch at Paris Mountain’s rugged, woodsy trails.


Discover the cultural and natural history of the parks through the interpretive signage along these trails. Interpretive hikes are typically short in length and offer park visitors a chance to exercise while learning about the past.


After just one trail ride, you’ll see why people rave about South Carolina’s equestrian-friendly parks. With stables, campgrounds and show rings, nearly every accommodation can be made for trail riders.

For more information on all types of trails across South Carolina, visit the South Carolina Trails website.