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These South Carolina videos are a great way to explore the state parks in the comfort of your home.  Watch the videos and then come out and explore them for yourself.

Our Parks Insider takes you behind the scenes of the state parks.  Our tip videos will give you a camping tutorial for those who plan on camping in state parks , show you how to fish, hike and more!  If you're looking for information on a specific park, click on our parks and select the park you are looking for from the drop down.  Then you can scroll through and select videos to watch.

Check these South Carolina videos out!  With 47 awesome state parks, there's so much to see! Start with a camping tutorial, bike safety, hiking tips or a video from your favorite park. Not sure which one to visit first? We can help you find a state park that offers everything you’re looking for!

Our Parks :
Aiken State Park
  • Camping Tips from SC State Parks Duration:4:39
  • Hiking Tips from SC State Parks Duration:5:55
  • Biking Safety with a Bike Mounted Ranger Duration:3:22
  • A Ranger Minute - Keep Me Wild Duration:1:19
  • SC State Park Television Spot Duration:30
  • Become a SC State Park Ultimate Outsider Duration:2:19
  • South Carolina State Parks - So Many Things To Do Duration:2:41