Oconee Station  State Historic Site
500 Oconee Station RD | Walhalla, SC 29691 | Phone: 864-638-0079 | oconeestation@scprt.com

By The Numbers

Here's a quick, by the numbers view of what Oconee Station has to offer:

  • 1 stone blockhouse that was once used as an outpost for the SC State Militia
  • 1 historic home, known as the William Richards House
  • 1 fishing pond with bluegill and largemouth bass for catching
  • 1.5-mile nature trail through wildflowers and upcountry wilderness
  • 1 awesome waterfall, Station Cove Falls, at the end of the nature trail
  • 4-mile long Oconee Connector Trail that joins Oconee Station with Oconee State Park
  • 210 awesome acres located in Oconee County